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Why So Many Flight Cancellations?

There has been a recent trend in flight cancellations across the United States over the past couple of months. While the airlines have given many reasons as to the causes of these cancellations, there might be something greater happening beneath the surface. Since the pandemic airlines have been struggling with staffing and operations, and now their challenge is compounded by higher fuel prices. It is believed that the underlying challenge here with some of these cancellations is a result of operational issues coupled with higher fuel prices. In this week’s digest, we will share some articles on the recent trend in flight cancellations to see if we can shed some light on the trend, and try to piece together the underlying cause(s).

Flight Cancellations, Delays On The Rise In US

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(RTTNews) — The U.S. air travel industry is going through its worst crisis since the troubled travel time during the peek pandemic struggles, with thousands of flights across the country being cancelled or getting delayed. The aviation crisis, as millions are preparing to travel during the upcoming July 4th holiday weekend, is mainly attributed to the staffing issues at airlines, the Federal Aviation Administration or FAA…

By RTTNews

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Hundreds of Flights Canceled Across U.S.

Thousands of air passengers are set for misery and logistical headaches with almost 670 flights in the U.S. canceled today. According to the airline tracker website Flight Aware, there are a total of 669 “cancelations within, into, or out of the United States today” so far.

By Chloe Mayer | Newsweek

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US flight cancellations soar ahead of July 4th weekend

Flight cancellations soared Sunday, casting a dark cloud over approaching Fourth of July weekend travel plans — as airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration sparred over who is to blame.At least 671 flights had been canceled within, into or out of the US by early Sunday afternoon, according to tracking website Flight Aware.

By Ben Kesslen | NYPost

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BTV sees increase in flight delays, cancellations

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Burlington, VT — Summer travel season is in full swing, but an increased number of flights nationwide have brought a flurry of cancellations and delays. On Monday afternoon, the Burlington International Airport had a steady stream of flyers in the wake of Father’s Day and Burlington’s Juneteenth celebration over the weekend.

By Josh Morrill

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