Ukraine War: The effects on civil aviation.

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There is little doubt that the war in Ukraine is having an impact on the regional and global aviation industry. The magnitude, extent, and duration of that impact it’s not fully understood at this time. In this week’s On Aviation™ digest, we share a couple of articles and a webinar that looks at this specific challenge. All of us are trying to understand the short, and long-term ramifications of this war. None of us know when this will end, yet, all of us affiliated with the aviation industry know that we must find ways to cope with any of the effects of this war on the aviation community.

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EU will not loosen sustainability goals for aviation despite war, official says

The European Union will not loosen sustainability targets for the aviation industry despite the Ukraine conflict and a surge in fuel prices, the bloc’s top transport official said on Friday. “Although there are new challenges, the old challenges do not go away, and making aviation sustainable is a challenge,” EU Commission Director General for Mobility and Transport Henrik Hololei said.

By Reuters

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How airspace closures triggered by the Russian war against Ukraine are impacting European aviation

Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine has brought devastation to the country and misery to millions of Ukrainian citizens and created a gigantic hole in Europe’s airspace that has huge implications for network traffic… Our strategic webinar on the impact of airspace closures on European aviation will be exploring the huge strategic, political and operational ramifications of the ongoing war with three key players.

By AeroContact

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How does the invasion of Ukraine affect international travel?

Analysis: the airline industry was on the road to recovery after the pandemic, but Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has changed all that. The travel and tourism industry is vulnerable to natural and human-caused disasters, such as terrorist attacks, pandemics, political unrest and economic crises. After terrorist attacks, airlines respond with reduced fares to stimulate demand.

By By Marina Efthymiou | Dublin City University

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Should travelers rethink Europe plans because of the war in Ukraine?

According to a recent survey conducted by MMGY Travel Intelligence, the research division of marketing research firm MMGY Global, the war in Ukraine is now twice as likely to impact Americans’ travel plans to Europe as the coronavirus pandemic.

By Blane Bachelor | CNN

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