Shocking Reports on China Eastern MU5735 Crash

Here are some shocking developments in the investigation of the tragic loss of China Eastern MU5735. With all that is being said both in China and the US, between CAAC and the FAA, many have more questions now than ever before.

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China Eastern Black Box Points to Intentional Nosedive

Flight data suggests someone in the cockpit pushed the Boeing 737–800 into near-vertical descent, according to a preliminary U.S. assessment. Flight data indicates someone in the cockpit intentionally crashed a China Eastern jet earlier this year, according to people familiar with U.S. officials’ preliminary assessment of what led to the accident.

By Andrew Tangel and Micah Maidenberg | Wall Street Journal

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Black box on doomed China Eastern flight indicates crash was intentional: report

The China Eastern jet crash that killed 132 people when the craft slammed into a mountainside appears to have been an intentional act, according to a report Tuesday. Flight data from the doomed plane suggests someone in the cockpit pushed the Boeing 737–800 into a “near-vertical” descent while cruising at a high altitude in late March, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing sources familiar with US officials’ preliminary assessment.

By Joshua Rhett Miller | New York Post

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Beijing hits out at shock revelation about doomed China Eastern Airlines MU5735 flight

Chinese state media has hit out at a report and subsequent coverage that the China Eastern Airlines plane crash that killed 132 people may have been intentional… the Global Times has quoted Chinese civil aviation industry analysts calling the US media “unprofessional” for publishing the report and causing “unnecessary interference with the ongoing investigation”.


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WSJ report blasted as unprofessional, interference with ongoing investigations

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) told the Global Times exclusively on Wednesday that it has confirmed with personnel of the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) who participated in the investigation of the crash of China Eastern Airlines’ flight MU5735 in March that they did not release any information about the probe, refuting earlier foreign media reports about the cause of the deadly crash.

By Tu Lei and Fan Lingzhi | Global TImes

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