Setting Up The Future Of Aviation

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Here are a few noteworthy developments in aviation. Ones that should be very beneficial for aviation moving forward.

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Marine aviation plan invests heavily in digital glue to connect far-flung forces

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Marine Corps is expanding its vision of connectivity among aircraft and with ground units below, creating local networks to share situational awareness and targeting data even in communications-denied environments.

By RMegan Eckstein | Defense News

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First A380 powered by 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel takes to the skies

Airbus’ A380 test aircraft MSN 1 took off from Blagnac Airport, Toulouse, France at 08h43 on Friday 25 March. The flight lasted about three hours, operating one Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engine on 100% SAF.

By: Airbus

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Future of aviation? This US start-up is building pilotless planes to make flying cheaper

A US company is gearing up for a future where pilotless planes take to the skies. Silicon Valley startup Xwing specialises in making standard aircraft capable of flying without pilots, with the aim of turning commuting by air into a cheaper and more efficient way to travel.

By Euro News

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The Aviation Fuel Market is slated to surpass USD 325 billion by 2028, says Global Market Insights Inc.

The growth of the aviation fuel market is supported by growing number of airports, soaring production and delivery of aircraft, rising preference for air travel, and surging disposable incomes, says this report.

By Arun Hegde | Global Market Insights

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Here, together we can learn and share ideas about aviation businesses, jobs, certifications, regulations, and more.

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On Aviation

Here, together we can learn and share ideas about aviation businesses, jobs, certifications, regulations, and more.

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