Inflation: Higher costs and their effects on Flight Schools

  • A higher rate of inflation has been observed over the past few years, based upon data charts measuring PPI and CPI. This increased rate of inflation has dire impacts on flight schools and the aviation industry as a whole.
  • Inflation heavily affects cost of operations for flight schools with internal cost such as personnel, and equipment, to external factors such as insurance rates and fuel cost. These operations have seen increased prices and flight schools are looking for a way to curb the negative impacts of this.
  • Responses and methods for dealing with this economic environment have shown to be successful, however, as inflation is projected to increase it is essential for flight schools and other areas of the industry to take the necessary measures as well as implement new strategies.

What is inflation

Inflation over the past 2 years

How does inflation affect the cost of operating a Flight school

Why flight school should be concerned about inflation

How have flight schools been responding

How should flight schools prepared for even higher inflation

  1. Investment in better operating procedures: As flight schools are challenged from other angles, they should seek to invest in better equipment and operating procedures that would enable them to be more efficient moving forward. This will allow them to maintain a low cost while they function to balance the losses that they experienced at the height of the pandemic.
  2. See what competitors are doing: Whether competing flight schools are absorbing costs, passing them along to clients and students, or cutting costs in other areas, are going to be a key determining factor for what other flight schools do. Some schools may feel apprehensive to increase their own cost out of fear their customers will go to their competitor, but if the competition is also raising their prices then that risk is mitigated.
  3. Train personnel to know the situation of the economy: Ensuring that staff and personnel are well aware of inflation and how it is affecting business can be a powerful way to reduce costs and increase efficiencies. When the staff of a flight school can be equipped with the proper knowledge and tools to operate in the new market and economic conditions, they can ensure that schools are on a path for success.
  4. Make longer-term deals with clients and customers: Long-term deals and contracts minimize uncertainty and ensure clientele can remain consistent during these challenging times. Making longer-term deals with customers ensures that processes are crafted properly ahead of time to deal with serving those customers, and is an essential way to prepare for the market during this inflation.



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