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We have decided to bring you a couple of stories that we found to be quite interesting. These are current events in the aviation space. Some of them are very exciting while others are downright bizarre.

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5 min readAug 8, 2023
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Dear reader, in this week’s On Aviation™ Digest, We have decided to bring you a couple of stories that we found to be quite interesting. These are current events in the aviation space. Some of them are very exciting while others are downright bizarre. Now. Without further ado. Enjoy!

Southwest Airlines sued for allegedly accusing White mom of trafficking biracial daughter: ‘Blatant racism’

A White mother is suing Southwest Airlines for “blatant racism” after an airline employee allegedly assumed she was trafficking her biracial 10-year-old daughter.

Mary MacCarthy, a Los Angeles resident, said traveling to Denver for her older brother’s funeral went awry when, shortly after landing, she and her daughter Moira were whisked away for police questioning after an airline employee flagged the duo as suspicious.

The lawsuit alleged that an airline employee called the Denver police while the duo was still en route to the destination and reported MacCarthy for suspected child trafficking. As the pair walked down the jet bridge to the terminal, police stopped them in their tracks.

“There was no basis to believe that Ms. MacCarthy was trafficking her daughter,” the lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court in Colorado last Thursday, argues.

By Taylor Penley | Fox News

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Cleared for takeoff: easyJet launches new Summer Flight School for kids to inspire the next generation of aviators

“What did you do over the summer holidays?” For some kids this can be a tough question but here’s the chance to grab a golden ticket and fly a plane for free.

In a money-can’t-buy Willy Wonka-style competition — where you don’t even have to shell out on chocolate bars — easyJet is offering complimentary places at flight school for 7–12 year-olds.

If you know any tiny aviation fans who would like to swap making paper planes for a stint in the cockpit, then sign up now.

Airline easyJet has today announced it is launching a new Summer Flight School, designed to inspire more young people to consider a career in aviation.

Children and their parents are invited to go behind the scenes at easyJet’s state-of-the-art training centre and experience exciting hands-on pilot and cabin crew training hosted by real pilots and crew.

Following research that found nearly two-fifths (37%) of primary school children believe flying a plane is a job exclusively for men, the initiative hopes to combat career stereotypes.

The first-of-its-kind event by the airline will offer children the opportunity to take the controls of an Airbus A320 flight simulator and learn what it takes to provide the best in-flight service to passengers as Cabin Crew. Children will also be able to quiz easyJet pilots, including female captain, Kate McWilliams, about how to become high-fliers.

By Cover Media | Cover Media

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El Al’s Latest Boeing 787 Was Delivered Using Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Israeli flag carrier El Al Airlines took delivery of its 16th Boeing 787 on Monday, 31st July. While an aircraft delivery is always exciting, this particular aircraft delivery was special, considering its flight to Tel Aviv was powered by sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

El Al took delivery of its fourth 787–8 last week, the smallest variant of the Dreamliner family. The other 12 Dreamliners are the larger 787–9 variants. The new aircraft carries registration 4X-ERD and arrived at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV) on the morning of July 31st, straight from Boeing’s Everett facility in Washington.

The interesting point is the 12-hour delivery flight was operated using 30% sustainable aviation fuel, thus marking the airline’s first use of SAF and signifying its willingness to play its part in reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. This special delivery comes right after the airline enlisted in International Air Transport Association (IATA)’s Environmental Assessment Program (IEnvA).

The IEnvA program assesses the commitment of airlines worldwide to improving their environmental and sustainability performance. The program includes airlines globally, such as Qatar Airways, easyJet, Azores, and Finnair.

By Abid Habib | Simple Flying

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FAA Updates Fact Sheet on State and Local Drone Regulations

Since before the passage of Part 107 in 2016, regularizing commercial drone use in the United States, state and local laws — sometimes in conflict with FAA regulations — have developed. This issue is sometimes discussed as Drone Federalism, such as the failed “Drone Federalism Act of 2017,” or as FAA Preemption, which is the concept that the FAA rules the airspace from the ground up. Former FAA Administrator Michael Huerta warned against the proliferation of state and local drone laws, saying that a “patchwork quilt” of regulations across the U.S. would only create confusion, limiting the commercial industry and not enhancing safety.

In 2015, the FAA published a “Fact Sheet” to state and local governments (since removed from the FAA website.) In that Fact Sheet, the FAA emphasized their position that airspace regulation belongs strictly to the federal government, citing “authority to regulate the areas of airspace use, management and efficiency, air traffic control, safety, navigational facilities, and aircraft noise at its source.”

By Miriam McNabb | Drone Life

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