Are You Prepared for a Pilot Shortage?

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Delta CEO Says Pilot Shortage Is Coming | TravelPulse

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Current Delta Airlines CEO, Ed Bastian discusses how it might be possible that America is facing a pilot shortage due to a combination of mandatory retirements and COVID-19.

by TravelPulse

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The pilot shortage — statistics & facts | Statista

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Due to COVID-19, pilots and crew members have faced hardships such as unemployment in order for airlines to cut costs.

by Statista

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Study Predicts Pilot Shortage Will Return by 2022

A recent study by Oliver Wyman concluded that airlines need to prepare for the upcoming pilot shortage and what factors are influencing this tragedy such as increasing competition.

by Oliver Wyman

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A Massive Pilot Shortage Is Coming: What It Means for Airlines.

Atims Aviation

The sudden demand for trained pilots and increasing wages might put a strain on existing airlines due to the upcoming pilot shortage.

by The Motley Fool

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