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Airline Formation and Mergers

Why the recent tug-of-war between Frontier and Jetblue for the acquisition of Spirit Airlines, with Jetblue being the ultimate Victor, it is clear that the players in the Airline segment of the aviation industry believe it’s advantageous to enlarge their business. In other areas, new airlines are being formed. Whatever the current market and economic conditions, airlines believe it’s prudent to expand or create new entities at this time.

Five Reasons New Airlines Form In A Crisis

Everyone knows how damaging the pandemic has been to certain parts of the economy. Airlines are high on that list, and the industry that loves controversy keeps creating it. Being one of the few industries to get direct government aid during the pandemic, many have counted on the industry to deliver more even today. During this time, airlines have retired planes, cut back schedules, offered early-outs to employees, and only recently returned to a small level of profitability.

By Ben Baldanza | Forbes

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What a JetBlue–Spirit Merger Could Mean for Cardholders

Airline mergers are nothing new — most of today’s airlines started out as something else. But the recently announced merger between JetBlue and Spirit is the largest merger we’ve seen in a while. It also may be one of the oddest. JetBlue has long been seen as a somewhat luxury airline, with its first-class product, Mint, garnering lots of love from flyers. Spirit Airlines, on the other hand, has made its reputation as a bare-bones bargain airline with an…à la carte flying experience.

By Brittney Myers | The Motley Fool

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Pros and Cons of the JetBlue and Spirit Airlines Merger

On Thursday, July 28, 2022, JetBlue and Spirit Airlines announced that they reached a merger agreement that would create the fifth largest airline in the United States, behind American, Southwest, Delta, and United. Is this potential merger a good or bad thing for travelers who traditionally fly with JetBlue or Spirit? Below is a list of pros and cons for travelers..

By Julia Menez | Yahoo Money

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Are Further Airline Mergers At The Gate?

Recent multi-billion dollar mergers and upbeat earnings reports in the airline industry have revived optimism in the sector and on airline stocks as investors turn bullish on the sector’s potential after being paralyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic in the past two years. Several airline companies declared bankruptcy during the pandemic, while some were forced to scale down or completely cease operations as countries implemented border closures.

By Mark O’Donnell | Benzinga

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