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Is the competition within the air taxi segment heating up? Is Joby Aviation trying to outdo Archer Aviation? Is this healthy rivalry good for the segment? What is Joby Aviation really up to these days?

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5 min readSep 19, 2023
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Just over a month ago in this digest, We share some remarkable developments with Archer Aviation Inc., a designer and manufacturer of air taxi and electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles (e-VTOL). Not only have they garnered a $142 million contract with the US Air Force, but they have also secured other private investments to grow their business.

Fast forward just over a month, and one of their main rivals Joby Aviation has announced a new Ohio manufacturing plant, commercial services plans, and a partnership with Delta Airlines. No doubt that those who are very interested in the all-electric aircraft and air taxi industry in and around Daytona Airport Ohio will be very pleased with this announcement.

For us, this marks the beginning of a strong rivalry between these companies to create the best air taxi. It is through this healthy competition that the end-user will get the very best. Given that their activities are not stymied by excessive regulations.

On Aviation™ Note: Contrary to what many might believe, it is healthy competition that leads to high-quality products and services at the lowest cost to consumers.

In this digest, we share some stories and articles on the recent announcement from Joby Aviation, giving the reader further insights into what is in store for the all-electric aircraft manufacturer.

Joby Aviation selects Dayton, Ohio for first scaled electric air taxi factory

Joby Aviation has selected Dayton, Ohio as the new site for its first scaled electric aircraft factory, with the company preparing to invest up to $500 million in the new site as it looks to start selling air taxi rides as soon as 2025.

Today’s announcement puts to rest months of speculation on the location for the site, which will reportedly provide up to 2,000 jobs. TechCrunch was the first to report that Ohio was on the company’s short-list. According to today’s announcement, state and local economic programs agreed to pony up upwards of $325 million in incentives and benefits to sweeten the deal.

“We plan to deliver up to 500 aircraft per year,” JoeBen Bevirt said in a press conference earlier today. “That’s a volume of aircraft that isn’t typical in the aviation world outside of the very biggest players, and we’re glad to have our strategic partner and investor Toyota alongside us for this important journey.”

Toyota is Joby’s largest external shareholder. Joby also has a partnership with Delta Air Lines for airline customers traveling to and from airports. Joby and Delta are looking to roll out the service in New York and Los Angeles first.

By Aria Alamalhodaei | TechCrunch

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Joby Aviation to make electric, vertical take off air taxis at Dayton airport

The same Ohio river valley where the Wright brothers pioneered human flight will soon be manufacturing cutting-edge electric planes that take off and land vertically, under an agreement announced Monday between the state and Joby Aviation Inc.

“When you’re talking about air taxis, that’s the future,” Republican Gov. Mike DeWine told The Associated Press. “We find this very, very exciting — not only for the direct jobs and indirect jobs it’s going to create, but like Intel, it’s a signal to people that Ohio is looking to the future. This is a big deal for us.”

Around the world, electric vertical takeoff and landing, or eVTOL aircraft are entering the mainstream, though questions remain about noise levels and charging demands. Still, developers say the planes are nearing the day when they will provide a wide-scale alternative to shuttle individual people or small groups from rooftops and parking garages to their destinations, while avoiding the congested thoroughfares below.

By Julie Carr Smyth | The Columbus Dispatch

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Joby Aviation to build air taxi production plant in Ohio

Electric aircraft maker Joby Aviation (JOBY.N) will invest up to $500 million to build a new facility in Dayton, Ohio, where it will mass produce air taxis, it said on Monday.

The 140-acre site at Dayton International Airport is set to be the first serial production location for the company, as opposed to the prototypes built at its pilot production line in California.

Joby founder JoeBen Bevirt told Reuters that the company is “driving vigorously” to win Federal Aviation Administration certification for its electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft so that it can begin commercial passenger service in 2025.

Joby intends to begin hiring “immediately” to stand up manufacturing of aircraft components at existing buildings at the Dayton site, Bevirt said. Construction of the new production facility will begin in 2024, with operations to start in 2025.

By Valerie Insinna| Reuters

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Joby Aviation CEO on new Ohio manufacturing plant, commercial service plans and Delta partnership

CNBC’s Phil LeBeau and Joby Aviation CEO JoeBen Bevirt join ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss the electric air taxi company’s plan for its first scaled aircraft production facility in Ohio, commercial service plans, and more.

By Phil LeBeau | CNBC

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