5G Telecom Tech And Its Possible Effects On Flights.

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Since approximately October of 2020, it has become a concern that the frequencies to be approved for the fifth generation (5G) telecommunication technology could affect airliners’ landing systems. It is understandable why this could be a concern as these landing systems are required to safely deliver passengers and cargo to their destinations. A malfunction in the aircraft landing system could cause an incident or an accident. Takeoffs and landings are the most critical times of flight, with almost 50% of all accidents occurring during landings and takeoffs. Therefore, many deem these concerns warranted.

In this week’s On Aviation™ digest, we will look at some news articles and a YouTube video that shed some light on this to create a greater understanding of the situation.

Planned 5G Rollout Risks Aviation Safety

…it was not immediately clear how many of the new 5G ground station transmitters that have raised concern among aviation safety experts would be affected by the voluntary one-month delay announced by AT&T and Verizon. New 5G C-band base stations located in 46 of the most populated areas in the United States all appear to have significant potential to interfere with aircraft navigation, rendering inaccurate or nonfunctional radar altimeters installed on thousands of aircraft to guide passenger airliners and cargo deliveries in poor weather, as well as business jets, emergency medical transport helicopters, and other aircraft

By Jim Moore | AOPA

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REPORT Automatic landing systems are affected by new 5G C-band rollout

On December 7, The Federal Aviation Administration issued an airworthiness directive(AD) which requires Helicopter and passenger aircraft to prohibit certain operations which require a radio altimeter data, when there is the presence of 5G wireless transmission.

By Airlive

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Airlines Vs 5G: What Are The Concerns?

Airlines have voiced concern that the rollout of 5G mobile technology in the United States could cause potentially dangerous interference with aircraft systems. Verizon and AT&T were activating their networks…but agreed to delay their rollout near airports.Here are some key questions about the issue…

By Agence France-Presse (AFP) | Insider Paper

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5G C-Band Interference with Radar Altimeters in Aviation

Juan Browne from the Blancolirio channel on YouTube did a good job in explaining how the instrument landing system on aircraft that could be affected works, and how they could be affected by 5G frequencies.

By Juan Browne

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Here, together we can learn and share ideas about aviation businesses, jobs, certifications, regulations, and more.